What the world needs now is YOU at your best. Are you ready?

You are driving an important mission in the world. And every great leader needs a great team.

Our team is committed to strategies that start with you as a person and lead to building great teams and organizations that make an impact in the world.


Executive Coaching

We partner with leaders to realize their potential. We are culturally competent and acknowledge structural racism in corporate America. We start with self-care, creativity and mindset and work with leaders to proactively address career challenges and development opportunities to help them be effective and achieve their goals.

Business Advisory & Strategy

We leverage our experience across Human Resources, Leadership Development and Diversity, Equity & Inclusion to offer trusted advisor and strategy consulting services.

Facilitation & Training

We offer customized training and facilitation services across Diversity, Equity & Inclusion and Leadership Development.

A long history of success.

We know how to get you there, because we've been there. Our team of leaders and strategists has been in your shoes, which enables us to serve you better.


"...You're creative in solution finding. Your knowledge of HR and mental wellness allows you to offer advice from a holistic perspective. You’re gentle when you feel the need to challenge...it’s refreshing to speak to you because you don’t offer generic cookie cutter advice."

- Coaching Client, 35, NYC

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